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Are you interested in finding out more about planting koala food trees on your property in the Tweed Shire area?

Please fill out the 'Expression of Interest' form below and we will get back to you.


  1. We will contact you to discuss the complete process.​

  2. Visit your property to assess site suitability. The site needs good sun exposure for the seedlings to thrive.

  3. Discuss options for a planting project.  Planting site can be a corridor on property (eg fenceline) or a complete area (paddock). 

  4. Funding options.  This will depend on the scale of the project. We may already have funds available for small planting projects (hundreds of trees) or we may apply for a specific grant if the project is larger (thousands of trees)

  5. If you are successful in securing funding for planting on your property the project will proceed.


  1. Bush Regeneration company will attend site and quote for the project.  This usually includes weed control before planting, digging holes, planting trees, multi-year weed maintenance of planting site. 

  2. Plant selection will be mostly koala food trees with a combination of other native trees/shrubs appropriate for the site and area.  Selection will be based on suitability in local geographical area, soil type, site orientation, estimated rainfall, site characteristics (ridgeline, swampy etc)

  3. On planting days it is usual for a small group of volunteers to attend site to assist with the planting processes.

  4. Project monitoring - this is a periodic process where data is collected to evaluate the success of the project.  Information on tree growth, tree survival rates, usage of area by fauna, etc

  5. Projects can run from 1 - 3 years from planting date.   This will depend on funding obtained for ongoing weed maintenance.

  6. If the project is on a property with livestock, we will look at options for funding fencing.  Fencing is necessary as livestock will usually eat or trample the seedlings. 


Additional information

Thank you for submitting your Expression of Interest. We will be in touch shortly.

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