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Saving our Koalas assists landholders to plant koala habitat. 


We are based in the Tweed Shire which is located in the north of New South Wales and borders Queensland.  

Action needs to be taken now to protect, nurture and grow the remaining koala populations.

Saving our Koalas are committed to planting habitat for koalas and other native animals in our little patch of Australia.  We can make a difference.

We are a Not for Profit organisation and operations are managed by a committee.


The numbers of koalas in the Tweed Shire has been consistently declining for the past 30 years but this decline has accelerated in the past 10 years. The Tweed coastal koala numbers have decreased so significantly they are now classified as Endangered.

Housing development causing habitat loss has had a huge impact on coastal koala populations decreasing their ability to find food, shelter and move safely to breed.

Koala deaths caused by disease (Chlamydia), car hits, and dog attacks are also contributing to their declining numbers.

Giving Back
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